window tint film
photochromic window film
photochromic window film
What is Photochromic Window Film?

In simple terms. Photochromic Film is a window tint film for glass whether home, office or vehicles. However this film has a light tint when the sky is overcast but gets darker when the sun gets brighter and stronger. When the sun goes in the film returns to a light tint. There are a few shades available of the final dark transformed tint.



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Photochromic window tint film
What are the benefits?
  • No need for blinds or curtains to stop the glare from the sun. You can now enjoy your view in comfort.

  • Helps prevent the fading of interior furnishings from UV rays.

  • Reduces the temperature in your room by rejecting solar heat.

  • Control the damaging UV rays.

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